What is a LIP Or Litigant in Person?


When you go to a family court to resolve a dispute, you do not have to appoint a solicitor.


Although some people may feel more confident having a fully qualified solicitor with them in the courtroom and to guide them through the application process and other pieces of paperwork throughout the case, it can become very costly. Solicitors often charge upwards of £200 per hour to simply help you to fill out forms. The charge for attending court with you is usually higher than this.


If you decide that you cannot afford a solicitor or you would like to go it alone, then you can represent yourself. This would make you a Litigant in Person. If you are a Litigant in Person, then you can still appoint a McKenzie Friend to help you with your paperwork and even to attend court with you if you wish. You are also able to attend court on your own if you are confident enough to do so.


What is a McKenzie Friend?


Have you heard of a McKenzie Friend? You may have been advised to seek the services of a McKenzie Friend to assist with your family law dispute.


A McKenzie friend is a person who assists you with your application to the court and who can enter the court room with you to provide you with support.


A McKenzie Friend could be anyone you choose to appoint. If you have a close friend who you feel would help you to stay calm in the courtroom, then the court may allow them to sit with you for the duration of your hearing. If you don’t have anyone who would be confident enough to help you in court, then you can choose a McKenzie friend who has experience in assisting Litigants in Person.


Is A McKenzie Friend Qualified?


McKenzie friends do not need to be qualified in law. A McKenzie Friend could be someone that you know or you can find a service such as North West McKenzie Friends that can offer knowledgeable advice and assistance. Such services may incur a charge but it is unlikely to be as expensive as it would be to appoint a qualified solicitor.